Simple File Sharing.
Secure, Self-Destructing.

Data Dead Drop provides effortless, secure file sharing. Data self-destroys after access. No browser required - just use your favorite command line client.

How it works

Share files in three steps



Upload some file via our Web UI or use your favorite command line client. Specify how long your file should be kept and how often it can be accessed. You'll receive unique and secure link to access your file.



Share your link, or use it yourself to download your file. You can use your browser or hop on the command line.



Your file is automatically destroyed after being accessed a predefined number of times. Even if nobody accesses it, your file is deleted after a short expiration time 🔥

Why Data Dead Drop

What Makes Us Special

There are so many file sharing tools out there. Why should you use this one? I think Data Dead Drop is a bit special. Here is why:


Data Dead Drop requires no sign-up. There are no cookies, and no personal data is ever collected, processed or sold.


Data Dead Drop is built with machines and automation in mind. No need for browsers, just bring your favorite command line client. We recommend cURL or HTTPie .


Your files are safe by design. Secure links are generated using the Diceware algorithm , making unauthorized access impossible. Uploaded files are fully encrypted. We couldn't take a peek even if we wanted to.


Once uploaded your files will be destroyed sooner rather than later. Per default anything you upload can only be accessed once. Even files that are never accessed will be deleted after a short time.


Data Dead Drop is completely free, as in beer, forever. You can give us money, but you don't have to.

Open Source

Don't believe our claims? That's fine. You can read the source code for this product on GitHub . Data Dead Drop is built with love using Ruby on Rails .


Is my data really, really secure?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we use an encrypted AWS bucket to store your data at rest. Secure links are generated with using three words. In theory these links are guessable. With really powerful hardware you could guess a given link in - that is without ignoring network latency. In practice, it is highly unlikely to guess a given link.

Who is this for?

Data Dead Drop was created to easily exchange keys or secrets between independent computer systems. However, it would be useful for anyone who requires anonymous, quick and secure data sharing that can't be traced. Keep in mind that this service is not to be used for long term storage, there are different services for that.

Can I upload anything?

We limit the size of uploads to 1MB. By uploading data you agree to our terms and conditions. Data Dead Drop reserves the right to delete any data that is deemed illegal or inappropriate and take steps to block users who upload such data.

Where can I report issues or leave feedback?

Head over to GitHub to report an issue or send an Email.